Zwodrei FontThe perfect font… I guess that’s something impossible to achieve because every font has its own charm and style, for which it is unique and used by somebody. Each day on the internet are uploaded dozens of new fonts which are developed by many graphic artists worldwide. Many of us use standard installed fonts, which are present in the Windows or Mac OS. But out there, in the internet you can find such beautiful fonts that it will most likely blow your mind! The only thing in this case is that the user must search the fonts manually through the fast internet. Getting the right font for you may seem kind of impossible at first, but as soon as you see it with your own eyes, you will immediately know that this font is for your headline, text, epilogue or any other structure or element. Using the same font on all your works is meaningless, some creations have different concept then the previous ones, therefore the font must be different to underline the current subject.


A good looking font that has been wondering throughout the internet since 2012 is the Zwodre font. Zwodrei font was create by Lukas Bischoff and released in early 2012. The released font had a modern and serious view, which is perfect to be used for a headline or small, yet important, paragraphs.

If you want to update your font library with a modern touch then don’t look any further because the Zwodrei font is just for you. You can download directly from this website the full Zwodrei font package by clicking on the button below. The download is absolutely free!