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Xamarin Offline InstallerYou good know the language C # and the .NET in general? You are tired of standing on the sidelines and watch as someone else writes cool mobile application for you? Especially for you there is something interesting! Something that will help you to change the situation and allow write great mobile applications, without requiring a separate study of Objective-C and Java. This product is Xamarin. Xamarin – is a framework for cross-platform mobile application development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) using the language C #. The idea is very simple. You write your code in your favorite language, using all the usual language features for you such as LINQ, Generic and async. The framework consists of several parts:
• Xamarin.IOS – class library for C #, gives developers access to the iOS SDK;
• Xamarin.Android – class library for C #, gives developers access to the Android SDK;
• Compilers for iOS and Android;
• IDE Xamarin Studio;
• Plugin for Visual Studio.
Xamarin is based on open-source implementation of the platform .NET – Mono. This implementation includes its own compiler C #, the runtime environment, as well as the basic .NET libraries. The aim of the project – to allow running programs written in C #, on operating systems other than Windows – Unix-systems, Mac OS and others.
It is a great program, is it not? In addition, it is very easy to use. You can get this miracle for free. Just click on the download button and save XAMARIN OFFLINE INSTALLER.


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