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More and more workplaces are today opting for thin clients instead of full fledge desktop PC’s for their employees. This is a computer that works with a local operating system and does not have a hard drive as it makes use of flash memory. All the applications are stored on a central server but employees using these devices get the same experience that they get with a desktop PC. WYSE is a company that makes these thin clients and its model WT3125SE is a very popular model. You can do everything that you can do with a desktop PC when using this thin client. It even allows web browsing and local printing. WYSE WT3125SE manual tells us that it is a powerful thin client that is Windows based and has full Legacy and USB support. It is a great device for offices where employees can make do with a lightweight PC. It has inbuilt Internet Explorer to allows users to browse the net seamlessly. It has two serial and one parallel port in addition to USB ports. It can connect to any standard VESA monitor. There are no moving parts in this device and it remains cool through convection cooling.


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