World Of Subways Vol 3 Key GeneratorRapid transit, also known as metro, subway or underground, is a type of high-capacity public transport generally found in urban areas. Subway lines can be laid underground in tunnels, on the surface and on the platforms (this is especially characteristic of urban monorails). The world’s first rapid-transit system was the partially underground Metropolitan Railway which opened as a conventional railway in 1863, and now forms part of the London Underground. The largest subways in the world:
• by number of stations and routes – New York (468 stations, 24 route)
• along the length of the lines – Shanghai (548 km) and Beijing (527 km)
• on annual passenger traffic – Tokyo and Seoul
• on the daily passenger traffic – Beijing and Moscow
World of Subways is the series of the most interesting Subway and Underground routes simulations created by TML-Studios of the world for the PC. Volume 3 continues the World of Subways series with the Circle Line service of the London Underground. The Circle Line covers 27 km (16.8 mi) of track and 35 stations, including the extension to the Hammersmith station that runs above and below ground through the city of London. Features:
• 3D – Cockpit with rotatable camera
• Original virtual reproductions of 35 stations on the Circle Line
• Free movement in the train and at the stations
• Superb graphics, reflecting headlights, night effects
If you never were in London then you can turn up there by downloading WORLD OF SUBWAYS VOL 3 KEY GENERATOR and installing the game!


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