Worcester 30cdi ManualThe boiler is the most important part of a steam or hot water heating system because it is what actually provides the heater. A few hundred years ago, people would have given an arm and a leg to have central heating in their homes. Just imagine the inconvenience of having to light a wood and coal fire in every separate room to keep your house warm. The basic idea of central heating is really simple: you have a boiler (an easily controllable furnace, fueled by gas) in a handy place like your kitchen or bathroom and it uses water, moved by an electrically powered pump, to carry heat into radiators in all the other rooms. It’s simple, convenient, efficient, and it makes even winter days a pleasure to endure!
The WORCESTER 30CDI conventional boiler is a high performing wall-mounted boiler, its impressive heating output makes it an excellent choice for installation in larger properties. The boiler has a built-in fascia-mounted heating temperature control knob and a neon operational status indicator. The boiler is part of the market-leading Worcester CDI Conventional Boiler range of energy-saving condensing gas-fired boilers. Key features are:
• SEDBUK Band A rating with a 90.3% energy efficiency rating.
• Compact dimensions – siting flexibility.
• WB3 series heatcell – robust cast aluminum/silicon construction.
• Compact hydraulic – efficient and reliable.
• DHW and CH temperature control – consumer comfort flexibility.
From the link below you can download for free the WORCESTER 30CDI MANUAL.


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