Worcester 24cdi ManualWorcester is United Kingdom heating hot water and heating products manufacturer. Initially it was known under the  name of Worcester Engineering Co Ltd, but after the deal from 1992, the company was bought by Bosch and nowadays it is known under the name of Worcester-Bosch. Yet, the company maintained its marketing politics and continued to manufacture boilers, solar panels, heating pumps and other similar devices for domestic use. Their most popular products are the boilers series. Most countries in their market coverage are situated in relatively cold zones, so boilers are a favorite among the population. A good boiler can buy itself in a short amount of time and afterwards is working for the owner in heat and money (less monthly pay compared to government heating).


A very good budget priced boiler from the Worcester-Bosch is undoubtedly Worcester 24CDi! This boiler model represents a combined central heating and domestic hot water appliance, which consists of gas fired boiler with a preselected output between 9 – 24 kW. The appliances are can be supplied with a manual operating switch or a mounted electronic screen that allows to select certain heating programs. There are two major working modes for the Worcester 24CDi – hot water only or hot water with central heating.

The Worcester 24CDi is definitely a dangerous device if used incorrectly, therefor it is wise to read its user manual! The manual itself describes general aspects, technical characteristics, programs, installation and other useful information about Worcester 24CDi. So if you are an owner of this boiler you can easily download its user manual by clicking the button below. It’s absolutely free!