windows xp activation code generatorWindows operating systems are the most common operating systems that are installed in the home and office PCs. Operating system Windows XP – is a modern multitasking, multiuser 32 – bit operating system with a graphical user interface. Windows XP was released in 2001. Two mysterious letters refer to the word eXPerience. The graphical shell of Windows provide user interaction with the computer in the form of a dialogue with the use of input and output of graphical information on the display screen, program management with icons, menus, windows, panels (management tasks, tools) and other controls. The main elements of the Windows GUI are: Desktop, taskbar with the Start button. Microsoft has finally got a decent operating system, which can be without shame or fear be installed on your home and work computers.
At our days it is very hard to find the activation key for Windows XP, because after it was released several versions of Windows OS. But at the link below you can find the WINDOWS XP ACTIVATION CODE GENERATOR that will help you to activate your system.

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