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windosill activation code generatorWindosill is a 2009 puzzle video game by Vectorpark for Microsoft Windows, OS X, web browsers, and iOS. The player advances through eleven rooms through interacting with each level’s environmental objects.

It was developed by artist Patrick Smith, who taught himself to animate and program the game in Adobe Flash. Smith offers a world where everything is magical, where you can discover the rules from scratch, like a child. Windosill is the story of a toy car, a little blue box with wheels and a smokestack, who one day dares to journey outside of its confining storage shelf.

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You, armed with the power to touch, carry, poke, prod, and experiment, will lead the toy through a cool blue dream presented in stages, a series of shadow-boxes full of curious characters and structures, each with its own puzzle to be solved. This game will reward you and intrigue you, inspire you without preaching, leave you wanting more.


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