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white rodgers
Are you fed up with manually changing the temperature settings in office and at home everyday depending upon the changes in weather conditions in your area? If yes, then you can relax as there is finally a thermostat that allows you to have a consistent temperature in your home and office with the click of a button. White Rodgers 1F87-361 is a product introduced by Emerson technologies. It is a 7 day programmable thermostat. It can be used for 24 volt or minivolt systems. This thermostat makes use of a minicomputer to give you precise control over time and temperature settings. This thermostat allows you to set different temperature programs for different days of the week. You have the option of choosing from battery operated, dual power, or hardwired models of this thermostat. It is compatible with both electric heat as well as fossil fuel heat. It has a large LCD that is backlit to allow the user to see and change the settings even in the dark. It retains the programs even if there is a power cut. It displays temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and you can choose the option depending upon your liking. It is an energy efficient appliance having Energy Star rating to save on your money. Get WHITE RODGERS 1F87-361 MANUAL here.


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