Wadhdiwasachya Hardik Shubhechha In Marathi FontIndia – the most multilingual country in the world. Maybe someone will argue with this statement. However, it is worth considering – only twenty-three languages have the status of official language. And besides almost every state of the country has its own language. Among such linguistic diversity the major are two official languages: English and Hindi. Government languages are considered languages in which are published laws and government works. In the regional offices for administrative purposes, are used and other official languages. On the background of such a variety the binder is English, which almost everyone knows. The English language was brought to India by colonizers, but on it in schools teaching is carried out. At first glance, the situation is strange, especially if you remember about the struggle against the colonialists, long and very bloody. In 1965, the government made an attempt to translate all the paperwork from English into Hindi, and to deprive the foreign language of the status of the state. But such a patriotic decision was criticized by the state’s residents who do not speak Hindi. It turned out that for such a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic country is more convenient to use a completely foreign language, because it has become common.
Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra state of India and is one of the 23 official languages of India. If you need to send happy birthday wishes for your friend from India then you can download WADHDIWASACHYA HARDIK SHUBHECHHA IN MARATHI FONT for free from the button below the post.

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