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If you are a creative individual, you would love the graphics tablet called Wacom DTZ-1200W. It is a concept that allows people to do something creative on a PC screen and then pass it on to the next person as if he is using a sheet of paper. Wacom has made a paper thin graphics tablet that receives input from the pen. The weight of this tablet is just 2 KG to be easily carried around. It has a very high contrast ratio (600:1) on a large display that stands at 12.1 inches. You can consider this electronic gadget as a sketchbook to be used by designers and other professional to easily express their ideal in a digital manner. You can visualize the ideas in your brain instantly with the help of this beautiful graphics tablet and share it with others. Give wings to your imagination and creativity with the help of this slim and high quality tablet that is ready to translate your ideas into reality whenever you feel inspired. There are control buttons on both the tablet as well as the pen that can be customized to suit your style of working. Get WACOM DTZ-1200W DRIVER here for free.