Veeder Root Tls 350 ManualVeeder-Root is the world’s most experienced, trusted name in fuel management – monitoring over a half million tanks for major oil companies, airports, governments, package deliverers, large truck fleets, car rental companies, public utilities and thousands of service stations around the globe. The company is the number-one supplier of automated tank gauges in the world, backed by an unmatched service network. When you entrust your fuel management needs to Veeder-Root, you can be assured of hassle-free compliance, reliable systems, advanced engineering and responsive service. They are fluent in solving all kinds of problems for all types of fueling operations.
The VEEDER ROOT TLS 350 is the most widely installed tank gauging solution in the world. The device offers the benefits of in-tank inventory, proven leak detection, complete compliance, and the ability to upgrade with additional connectivity for optimum flexibility. The key features are:
• Maintenance of the accuracy of calibration tables of tanks during their operation.
• The continuous monitoring of leaks from tanks.
• Safe operation using submersible pumps for supplying fuel to the fuel dispenser.
• The simplicity of the user interface.
• Local and remote access to information and system settings.
• The operational notification of critical situations with fuel and faults of the level gauge.
To learn more about device’s advantages and settings you can by downloading the VEEDER ROOT TLS 350 MANUAL from the link after the post.


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