Ved Prakash Sharma Hindi Novel PdfDetective – is mainly literary and cinematic genre, whose works describe the process of investigation of the mysterious incident in order to clarify it and solving the riddle. Typically, in such incident crime appears the, and the detective describes its investigation and identification of perpetrators in this case, the conflict is based on the collision of justice and iniquity, culminating in the victory of justice.

The essential feature of a detective is that the actual circumstances of the accident were not disclosed to the reader, at least, in its entirety, to the completion of the investigation. Instead, the reader is held by the author through the process of investigation, getting an opportunity at every stage to build their own versions and to evaluate the known facts. An important property of the classical detective story – is completeness of facts. Solving the mystery cannot be based on information that was not provided to the reader in the description of the investigation.

Only few minor details can be hidden that do not affect the opportunity to disclosure secrets. Following the investigation, all the puzzles must be unraveled, to all questions – the answers been found.
Om Prakash Sharma is recognized as one of the foremost and most talented writers of detective fiction in Hindi. He has more than 450 Hindi detective novels to his credit.
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