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Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Novels In Malayalam PdfVaikom Muhammad Basheer is regarded as one of the prominent literary figures ever existed in India. He was a Malayalam fiction writer from the state of Kerala in India. He was a humanist, freedom fighter, novelist and short story writer. He was one of those outspoken figures who revolutionized Malayalam Literature, and thus the World Literature itself with his dauntless sarcasm, satire, and black humor. Often referred to as the Beypore Sultan (the king of Beypore) by the colleagues, he was one of the prominent figures behind the artistical, economical, and social reformation of the Kerala Culture. His notable works include Balyakalasakhi, Shabdangal, Pathummayude Aadu, Mathilukal, Ntuppuppakkoranendarnnu, Janmadinam and Anargha Nimisham.


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Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s literary career started off with the novel Premalekhanam that was published in 1943. Hidden underneath the hilarious dialogues we can see a sharp criticism of religious conservatism, dowry and similar conventions existing in society. This was followed by the novel Balyakalasakhi, which is among the most important novels in Malayalam literature in spite of its relatively small size, and is commonly agreed upon as his magnum opus work.
Basheer has written on love and hate, on politicians and pickpockets, on the fancies of childhood and on the disillusionments of adult life with an intense sense of the tragedy of life and at the same time an irrepressible sense of humour.

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