USB2 0 PC CAMERA SN9C201 DRIVERCommunication on long distances, or also known under the name telecommunications, was always a big field of innovation for many engineers. Obviously that who doesn’t want to talk to their buddy that went working abroad or on a trip? Throughout the years were invented a good number of devices that allowed this to happen, and the most common device is of course the telephone. Yet, the telephone only allows voice transmission other long distances. To make things more flexible were created devices that allowed transmitting video calls over long distances with the help of a home computer. This device is the web camera. On the market you can find many types of video camera that allow you to transmit video and audio signals to your contact, yet each one has its own technical specifications and this influences the video and sound quality that will be transmitted.


A good budget web camera is the SN9C201, which can be connected through a USB2.0 port. Like most budget web camera, the SN9C201 supports a video resolution up to 640×480 and has an integrated microphone for free-hand talk during sessions. It doesn’t require an external power supply, all the required power is supplied through the USB port. The SN9C201 can be easily stationed anywhere on your desk due to its ergonomic and comfortable shape.

If you are an owner of this web camera then you will most likely need the USB2.0 PC Camera SN9C201 drivers. Without the USB2.0 PC Camera SN9C201 driver your web camera will not be recognized by your computer, so you won’t be able to use it. Just click on the button below to download the driver. The download is 100% free!