Unable To Find Vl Gothic FontGothic – a period in the development of medieval art in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, partly from the XII to XV-XVI century. The name “Gothic” Italians have invented to describe a style that seemed rude to them, worthy of savage barbarians – Gutons, Latin – Gothi. So was called the art, which does not follow the classic rules. Gothic replaced the Romanesque style, gradually displacing it. The term “Gothic” is most often used to a certain style of architecture, which can be summarized as “eerily majestic.” But gothic covers almost all works of art of this period: sculpture, painting, portrait miniature stained glass, murals and many others. Gothic was born in the middle of the XII century in the north of France, in the XIII century, it spread to the territory of modern Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, and England.
Gothic is one of the most popular forms of calligraphy. Gothic font style suggests Germanic origins, and it is indeed a very Germanic script. Gothic fonts were used in printed books in Germany right up to the twentieth century. Nowadays this style is using sparingly, because it is hard on the eyes, it is difficult to read in large quantities. Gothic is therefore best suited to short and weighty texts such as:
• proclamations, scrolls, certificates
• brief quotations
• rock band names
• on the covers of books and movies in the horror genre.
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