Tvs Msp 245 Printer DriverMatrix (needle) printers for a long time occupied a leading position in the market of printers. In the past, these printers are used throughout, which was associated with a high price for laser printers and unsatisfactory work of inkjet printers. But times have changed and today the share of dot matrix printers is less than 4%. Basically matrix printers are used to print multipart banking and accounting documents and for printing on custom-size media. Matrix printers were and are cheap enough devices that can print documents at high speed. Advantages of dot matrix printers:
• The low cost of devices;
• Ability to work with any paper;
• The ability to print multiple copies at the same time;
• Low cost of print.
Disadvantages of dot matrix printers:
• noise;
• Poor quality of graphics;
• Print speed is slow in comparison with laser printers.
TVS Electronics is part of the USD3.5Bn TVS Group of India. The company designs, manufactures and distributes IT products, dot matrix printers, point of sale terminals, printer supplies, keyboards, mouses, uninterruptible power supplies, and set top boxes. TVS MSP 245 is India’s favorite financial printer best suited for printing ledgers, invoices, accounts and statements. The printer is a 9 wire 136 column dot matrix printer with the top print speed of 375 CPS and a long print head life of 200 Million characters.
If you are the lucky user of this device and do not have necessary software then download TVS MSP 245 PRINTER DRIVER from the link after the text!