Topfield Trf 2100 ManualA digital video recorder is a consumer electronics device that records and stores television shows in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD or other local or networked mass storage device in real time. It operates a lot like a videocassette recorder but without the hassle of loading tapes and cuing them up. There are many advantages to using a DVR:

• The image quality is considerably better than VCR recordings, and it is always consistent.
• The digital format also allows for video archiving and the transfer of data to a computer, CD, or DVD.
• The convenient search function allows users to quickly locate the show or specific scene that they want to watch.
• The device can be programmed to record an entire season of a television show, and it is even possible to watch the first half of a show while the DVR continues to tape the second half — or watch a show on one channel while the device records a different one on another.
• One of the most popular features of this device is its ability to fast forward or skip commercials.
• It also allows users to pause, and replay live television.

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The TOPFIELD TRF 2100 is a basic set top box, with dual TV tuners that let you record one program while you’re watching another. It’s simple, easy to operate and quick to respond to commands. You are looking for a reasonably cheap PVR that is easy to understand and easy to operate? Then the TOPFIELD TRF 2100 is the device you need.
Record you favorite shows and sport programs with help of TOPFIELD TRF 2100 MANUAL downloaded for free!

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