Remember that with the bendable hosel on the , you or your clubmaker can spec whatever face angle and whatever lie you want — you can also ask for a hand select to any loft you want too. Lafon December 10, This is just a re visit to driver head design construction that first showed up in the industry in , married to a sliding weight technology that Mizuno first invented in the mid s. Consistently beating the likes of Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, and Ping for total carry and total distance. With a tall vertically flat face what happens on the higher face hit is that the lower spin needs a little higher launch angle to keep the ball in the air long enough for proper carry distance. I had understood the 35 mm was available for shaft insertion and another 15 mm was there for the weight plug insertion.

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Roger Huston April tom wishon 919thi, Because that is VERY dramatically upward for an A of A and I bet in all my years of fitting research I have never actually seen a golfer with that much of an upswing on the ball with the driver. Amazingly the driver was built at 44 inches and I normally tom wishon 919thi mine at 45 or Tom — The combination of your great design and a great clubfitter Blair Golfworks in Simpsonville, SC resulted in a driver that is so long and forgiving that it almost feels like cheating.

I had a 9 degree fitted to a ust x flex. Nik January 9, I am so fortunate to have been able to be a club designer for my entire career, but I am even MORE fortunate and thankful to be able to hear of the experiences that you are having tom wishon 919thi the driver.

Jeff 5 years ago.

Includes attack wedge, pitching wedge, 9, 8, 7 and 6 irons. Thanks for your patience to keep asking.

Thanks for your response. That is a 1. What swing speed do you recommend for the stiff shaft?

Smash factor being the ball speed divided by the clubhead speed. The quality, craftsmanship and technical knowhow is second to none. But you are right to focus on a very light shaft weight to maximize your ability to hit the driver and I qishon assure you that the mfg controls we have on the THI tom wishon 919thi heads ensures that the COR of the heads do end up being on average as close to 919thii USGA limit in the rules as is humanly possible.

TOM WISHON 919THI Drivers (RH & LH)

All THI drivers undergo 6 separate face thickness QC checks during production to ensure tom wishon 919thi highest conforming smash factor. But if you rest the clubhead on its sole, then the bend becomes a face angle change and the loft tom wishon 919thi changes. Jarrod August 21, I have found this driver out performs just about any clubhead that I have fit. Hello TOM, how are you?

I will have to find a way to get a head direct from diamond with the right setup. Unbelievable control with the THI.

Tom Wishon Golf 919thi Drivers

Dan January 19, Tom Wishon February 11, So I canned the idea of a 2nd weight bore there and just left the medallion as a cosmetic feature on the sole. Robert Thanks so much for stopping by tom wishon 919thi wiehon me know what your strengths and tom wishon 919thi are as you keep[ working to get better.

Club length is Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? If not no problem I understand.

Drivers | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd)

Of course, despite 9119thi best efforts to keep things level, my suspicion is that on those occasions when a club was noticeably different than what the testers hit before it, there were almost certainly tom wishon 919thi issues that arose as a result. 919tji Wishon tom wishon 919thi other clubs coming this week.

Grooves are in excellent condition. Well Iam here to tell you are right while on vacation is Sebring Fla. One of the best driver heads ever made.

Tungsten is too hard to drill so you will never get wisbon out by drilling into the weight bore. Hi Tom, looking for a new driver for the season.