Tokyo Jungle PC download

Tokyo Jungle as the names suggests is a game that has some touch of the wildlife.
This game is a perfect choice to be played while being on vacations however, this game was initially made available for PlayStation 3 only but nowadays this game can be downloaded for PC as well, all you need to do is to click the download button flashing below.

Tokyo Jungle PC game

This game is based on two different modes and you can select either the survival mode or the story mode. In survival mode you act like an animal and fight with other animals to protect yourself however, in story mode you act like a person who travels around the wildlife to identify the reason behind the human death taking place in the jungle.



  1. I waited a long time for this game for PC. I like survival mode) This game is the best way to dive into wildlife. Now i want to play this game in story mode

  2. Funny action game 😀 I acted as a lion, as an elephant and was chased as a deer by hyenas. Fun adventure and lots of laughs.

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