“The Great Gatsby” – PDF format direct download

The Great Gatsby is a story of author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (September 24, 1896 – December 21, 1940). It is about a fictional town of West Egg in 1922th and that’s characters. The main character is Jay Gatsby a mysterious millionaire and his passion Daisy Buchanan.

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  1. “The Great Gatsby”! While reading at first you are impressed by the beauty, wealth, fabulous parties, attractive men and beautiful women, they are winners, their life is like a dream… but then you understand they are not so happy as it seems, some of them are great people, maybe, but some are terrible… and what is about Gatsby? To tell the truth he is not a flake, he is a … fake. I’m disappointed, I’ve heard a lot about the novel, Leo plays Gatsby (unfortunately I haven’t seen the movie), it should be something great, really, I begin to read and… I’m frustrated, I don’t want to read it again, it is not my best book, and the end of the book is what Gatsby himself deserves.

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