TH SARABUNPSK FONTFonts are the core of each text representation. Every computer has some integrated fonts that allow to represent English and the same family languages, but when it comes to other language in most cases it simply won’t represent. In the place of letters the user will see some equivalent squares and spaces, that’s it. When this problem occurs the only thing the user can do is to install the proper font for the used text. Throughout the internet can be found a good number of fonts. Most of them were written specifically for English language, but in a whole can be found fonts for literally any existing modern language. Thai language and especially its writing is different from other languages so it needs an original font specifically for its typeface. It’s a good thing that some graphic editors created a number of fonts and published them throughout the internet for public use.


Among many Thai fonts can be found the TH Sarabunpsk font. This font was specifically created for Thai language and was released in 2006. The font is quite lightweight and covers all the Thai language characters and grammar specifics. In its set you will find all 44 consonants, 22 vocals, 6 diacritical symbols and 3 other symbols.

So if you are a Thai language reader, writer or editor it is crucial to install a Thai language font on your computer, otherwise the text won’t be recognized by the machine in case. From this site you can download the latest version of the TH Sarabunpsk font by clicking on the button below. The download is 100% free!