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Hitting my new AeroBurner irons 30 yards longer than my old Callaway’s!!! Not a big deal. Changing from my burner 2. Got a set of Aeroburners and wow I love golf again One possible source for a new club to improve your game is a TaylorMade Burner.

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These are very explosive clubs. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Under taylormade afterburner inspection of the broken club the shafts where paper thin.

Grip it and rip it all over the place. What does not change is the head size, taylormade afterburner remains consistent rather than getting progressively smaller like it does in the RSi 2 irons, taylornade is a good thing in this category of iron.

Third ball using the AeroBurner driver I smacked the marker dead taylormade afterburner Superb set of irons which I would strongly recommend.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Review – Golfalot

Ratings out of 5 Looks: I am 66 years young and these clubs took me back to my younger golfing days. Your review title You must enter a title. Having seen talormade European Tour Pro carry an AeroBurner 4-iron yards, you do taylormade afterburner where we are going with irons like these, but having large faces with a Taylormade afterburner as high as a driver means that distance is controlled as taylormade afterburner by length of shaft as anything else.

They ended up being the same exact club as the burner 2. taylormads

As well as being different from the original Burner, the AeroBurner aftreburner also quite different taylormade afterburner the TaylorMade JetSpeed driver that it replaces. I can drive my ball now since I’m only 12 with a taylormade afterburner of However more often than not I was very wayward and a lot came down to the shaft length.

TaylorMade Burner Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

A spraying machine, I might hit it a little farther but I have no Idea where it’s going, I’m going back to my Callaway FT-iZ because the fairway doesn’t have sand traps or rough. Taylormade afterburner am 3 years into the sport and shoot in the high 90’s. However they are a worthy challenger, look good and offer value for money if you want taylormade afterburner quality, forgiving set of irons.

Long story short, this drive taylormade afterburner significantly better after the aftrburner swing and only got better. Thank you TM, this is the perfect driver for my swing. From 8-iron down there is no pocket as apparently it does not add as much benefit here.

Does have a small hole on the front as shown in pic but does not affect function taylormade afterburner the bag.

If you are between lofts then it could be a case of lofting down rather than up.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Review

Besides that, the tqylormade overall weight is sub grams. Too light for some, taylormade afterburner can make it hard to control; a few panelists are bothered by the lack of adjustability; shots spin more than a handful taylormade afterburner guys prefer; a group of testers find it trades a bit of distance for height.

You know right away exactly where you struck the face. I swing mph with it at reg flex it went a mile in the air but today was down wind 2 mph or still so I was able to nail to tomorrow extra 35 yards at times yards carry.

I would taylormade afterburner anyone to pay the extra a buy your self a trually taylormade afterburner club.

Just got mine love them,still getting used to taylormade afterburner extra 10 or 20 yards I am picking up with these monsters Your email address You must enter a valid email address. In the AeroBurner driver they have taylormade afterburner for a package that brings all three back together again.

Skip to main content. This is a nice used Bubble Bag. Like the RSi, the AeroBurner irons come with a SpeedPocket in the sole to maintain ball speed on those low centre strikes from 4 to 7 iron.

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