Synology Surveillance Station KeygenThe IP CCTV – is a hardware and software package, designed for viewing and automatic recording of audio-video. System operation is carried out with the help of software that allows to use not only IP-camera, but also analog signal which is digitized using a video capture card. Today, video surveillance systems have become a reliable way to monitor the integrity of individual rights, safety of human life, as well as the preservation of wealth. Video surveillance is used for both business and personal space, be it an apartment or a house or a parking space. When it comes to watching your home inside or out, the video surveillance will let you keep a watchful eye on your family. When you’re at work, knowing when your children come home from school can give you peace of mind knowing they’re safe. Also video surveillance system will just record the day to day activities in your business. With the ever changing technology in business security the uses and possibilities are endless and having a video surveillance system will save you and your business time and money.
• A thoughtfully crafted interface that emphasizes ease-of-use.
• A bold step into the world of physical access control.
• Dynamic automation tools that increase efficiency.
• Expanded integration for specialized camera hardware.
With help of this video surveillance system you can protect and monitor your home and business while not missing the slightest detail.
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