pcg al1lWhat do you think when you hear the name Sony Vaio? This company was renowned as a high quality brand with products that were regarded as very powerful and efficient. Though Vaio has been discontinued and sold by Sony altogether, the name Vaio still ranks high in the minds of consumers. Vaio made mainly laptops though one can still see many Vaio desktops working in offices across the country. PCG-4L1L is the name of a laptop made by Vaio. It is powered by 1 GHz Centrino Duo processor and has a 1 GB RAM. It has DVD drive and a battery that lasts for 3.5 hours when fully charged. This laptop measures 11X8X1.25 inches to make it a very sleek and compact device. It has a storage capacity of 100GB that is not much but sufficient to store your important documents. The display f this laptop is very bright with a resolution of 1366X767 pixels. It is fitted with an inbuilt webcam that helps in conducting video chats with your friends. It is internet ready with built in Wi-Fi. The laptop comes preinstalled with Windows Vista operating system. You can easily get the drivers of Sony Vaio Pcg-4l1l on internet if you have lost them.