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Sony Icd P620 DriverHave you even wished that you had a voice recorder when you were visiting with an older relative about your family? Or wanted some way to preserve comments made at a funeral or other family event? In the old days we had to rely on bulky tape recorders that were intrusive and difficult to operate. Tape was expensive and the microphones were large and not very good. Even when the newer cassette recorders were introduced, you still had to make sure the tape was actually moving and that the small microphones weren’t just picking up noise. Today we have tiny digital voice recorders in our smartphones, or more importantly, standalone recorders with remarkably powerful microphones and in a compact size that can easily fit in a pocket or purse. A digital voice recorder is a handheld device designed to record voice and sound with superior sound recording and playback, without the need for media. The sound files created on the recorder are managed in a file system on an internal hard drive or removable flash drive and can be uploaded to a computer for playback, transcription, or audio editing. Sound files are recorded in the WAV, WMA, MP3, DSS and DS2 formats.
SONY ICD P620 digital voice recorder allow you easily to record important lectures, meetings and personal memos and then to connect it to a PC via USB and save your files for later reference. The device features simple function buttons on the front for easy operation.
Download the SONY ICD P620 DRIVER and you will never miss a word!


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