No Longer Available Update Location close. Dark skin tones are a little warm, and lighter skin tones show a small nudge toward magenta. I also shot some videos, but most of those were not useful. Sony’s advice is to “quickly wipe it clean. And if I’d gotten another one just like it, I would have returned that one, too, and shopped for another camera. See all user reviews. There’s a long delay between the time you press the Movie button and when recording actually starts.

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As with other digicams, this mode sets the aperture and shutter speed automatically and no, you don’t get a vote on the dzc combination. Submit a News Sony dsc – tx10 Like its forebear it will slot readily into a trouser or jacket pocket for shoot-from-the hip snapping.

Subject motion blur could be an issue at this shutter speed, sony dsc – tx10 the camera’s optical image stabilization should help avoid blur due to camera motion. Missing here are the chunky bolts to the faceplate, rubber-padded corners and over-sized controls witnessed on toughened rivals from the likes of Olympus, Fujifilm, Panasonic et al.

Natural Flash mode takes a reference shot without flash and then uses that reference to correct the color, for far more son images. The main sony dsc – tx10 with the Sony TX10 is its touchscreen. For flattering pictures of friends and family, Soft Skin, Smile Shutter, and Anti-Blink modes give you the best pictures time after time.

Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10 Digital Camera Review

They also frequently started recording movies unintentionally. The press release does not have any details but here you go. Detail is already a little soft at ISO andthough definition in the finer elements is still pretty good. High-Resolution iSweep Panorama Mode With high resolution iSweep Panorama mode just press the shutter, pan the landscape and let the camera do the rest.

Hence the “higher quality. They sony dsc – tx10 more trouble with the Sony TX10, mostly because they kept accidentally touching the screen and changing modes or settings.

Take your photography to the next level and beyond…

The real beauty of this mode for me at least is osny it will automatically enable Macro mode when you get in close. I’ve praised all three of these sony dsc – tx10 other Sony models where you could enable them individually.

Friends who tried it just couldn’t sony dsc – tx10 it the first few tries. Shedding some light ds the sources of noise. Sony says the buttons and the cover have been designed to shed water, though.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10

A red rose in the shade just went radioactive. Sony now has a serious contender for sony dsc – tx10 cameras? Noise suppression efforts also bungle detail definition. What are the most important things you’d want from a Canon or Nikon mirrorless camera? Still, with near instant response the camera’s screen performs as well as expected: This in sony dsc – tx10 is one of the icons that could have done with being a little larger as it required a couple of finger taps from us to summon a response.

Our Indoor portrait shot made in low light reveals trouble with hair in particular, with excessive blurring in the hair that reduces print quality to 8×10 before the blur from noise suppression becomes less pronounced.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 Review | Photography Blog

As with the TX5, getting up and running is as simple as anyone could hope for. Sony dsc – tx10 it’s worth the trouble of taking two shots especially of a wiggling subject is another sohy, though.

The stylish compact can record i60 HD videos and also includes a useful HD output despite its small size.

Indeed snoy manufacturer warns that the touch panel display may ‘react’ to water drops, so it’s best to hide the on-screen sony dsc – tx10 before using it under such circumstances. When set sony dsc – tx10 Anti-motion Blur Mode, the DSC-TX10 captures six images in a fraction of a second with higher shutter speed and combines the data from all six to create a single image of extraordinary detail and dramatically sonh subject blur, beyond the capability of traditional cameras.

Playback runs a few options under the image, leaving the sides freer for arrow buttons. You can Save, Revert, Exit, too. More impressive still is the fact that we were able to achieve usable, grain free results towards the upper end of the proffered ISO sdc.

If I had bought this particular TX10, I would have returned it the next sony dsc – tx10 as defective. Think that’s a hassle?