6Electronic Arts, the publishers of The Sims 3 managed to sell 1.3 million copies of the game within the first week itself. This in turn speaks volumes about the popularity of the franchise. Get this bestselling PC game today and start controlling every moment of your favorite Sims. The Sims that you have created can engage in multiple activities and even establish relationships with other Sims. Just like in the real life, you can go for a career-oriented approach; but the game does not have any definite goals. Career and skill opportunities will keep on popping from time to time.

The Sims 3 product key generator can help you to get direct access to multiple serial numbers required for the installation of the game. It is fun to watch the Sims interacting with each other. Electronic Arts have also released a couple of expansion packs for the original game. Check out the exciting character customization options available with the game.