Sigma 1606l ManualSIGMA SPORT company was organized in 1981. The aim of the company was to create an electronic tachometer for bicycles – the so-called bike computers. They were supposed to be different from conventional tachometer accuracy in testimony, simple to use, many additional features and affordable price. All these requirements have been achieved and the success of the firm does not have to wait long. Today SIGMA SPORT – is a leader in this group of products. The range of devices SIGMA SPORT includes a wide range of inexpensive heart rate monitor to affordable powerful bike computer with various measurement functions of speed, mileage, lifting altitude, air temperature and heart rate of the user. SIGMA 1606L – it wireless 16 function cycle computer. Completely “wireless” device and the sensor of signal reception from the speed sensor and cadence now moved into the housing of bike computer. The device has a large display, characteristic of all bike computers Sigma. The housing is moderately thin (an important factor at high speeds in terms of aerodynamics) and has in addition to this interesting design. Buttons on a device are quite comfortable and do not sticky. All the necessary functions on the move are quickly available and you can move around the menu very easy. Thanks to large font on the screen, ability to control the screen brightness and backlight – messages from bike computer are easy to read in all weather conditions.
To set the device you need to download SIGMA 1606L MANUAL and to read it attentively.


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