Seravek FontThroughout the internet you can find a large database of various styled and constructed fonts. Most of them are made for European languages, so a minority of fonts can be found in Muslim, Indian and Asian languages. Among all languages, the English language is the most popular, which makes it the most spread. Because of that the majority of fonts are based on the English language. Nowadays you can find various fonts that look different from one to another by style, form and other parameters. We tend to use specific fonts on certain texts. Mostly it depends on the context and to whom it will be presented. A scientific article can’t be shown in a glamorous handwritten style font, it will look some-what unscientific. In this case you have to use a simple yet serious looking font that will motivate the public when reading. Yet when you write a blog, then here you can use almost any type of font that in a way represents you, your character, your mood or other elements.


The Seravek font is a linear sans serif which was created to be used in informational, editorial and identity design. The font was developed in five different weights going from Bold up to Extra Light. In addition to the standard structure were introduced italics and small caps.

The Seravek font was used for some quite time and if you also want to get your hands on it then its no problem. From my site you can download a full version of the Seravek font by clicking the button below. After the download is finished you need to install the font into your system folder and it will be available for use. The download is 100% free!