Screwtape Letters is a work of fiction by C. S. Lewis. It is satirical in nature. The sory revolves around two devilish character who are uncle and nephew as they try to capture the mind of a man who is described in the letters as only ‘The Patient’. Screwtape is the name of the senior devil who is trying to teach the art of temptation to Wormwood, the junior devil, who is also his nephew. He explains to Wormwood how he can take Christians away from the path of God. He tells his nephew that Christians are easy to be tempted away through simple temptations rather than guiding them to deeper sins. This novel is both funny as well as provocative as we can get an insight into our own temptations and morality by listening to his ideas. The book is all about the exchanges between the senior and the junior devils but the reader can easily understand what Lewis is trying to teach him with the help of this funny interaction between two devils. This novel has been converted into an audio book that has been narrated by John Cleese in his own inimitable style. Get SCREWTAPE LETTERS JOHN CLEESE MP3 here.