Scala For The Impatient PdfScala is an object-functional programming language for general software applications. Scala has full support for functional programming and a very strong static type system. This allows programs written in Scala to be very concise and thus smaller in size than other general-purpose programming languages. Many of Scala’s design decisions were inspired by criticism of the shortcomings of Java. Key aspects of the language:
• Scala-programs are very similar on the Java-program, and are free to interact with the Java-code.
• Scala includes a uniform object model – in the sense that every value is an object, and any operation – a method call.
• Scala – it is also a functional language in the sense that the function – is rightful value.
• It contains flexible symmetrical design of impurities (mixin) for the composition of classes and trait-s.
• Samples and expressions have been compiled for supporting the natural processing XML-documents.
• In general, these constructions allow you to easily express the independent components that use the library Scala, without using special language constructions.
SCALA FOR THE IMPATIENT concisely shows developers what Scala can do and how to do it. In this book, Cay Horstmann, the principal author of the international best-selling Core Java, offers a rapid, code-based introduction that’s completely practical. Horstmann introduces Scala concepts and techniques in “blog-sized” chunks that you can quickly master and apply.
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