The medical specialty of the physician performing the abortion, including one of the following: Search bill text and data. Introduced by Senator Newman. Any known medical complication that resulted from the abortion. March 16, 1 Comment. The total number of abortions partially or fully paid for with state funds through the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System; The total amount of state funds used to pay for the abortions and expenses incidental to the abortions; and The total number of abortions, if any, paid for with state funds and performed out of state. As an outpatient procedure at a health-care institution other than an abortion clinic or hospital.

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Is the pregnancy a result of incest? The report must also include statistics from the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System containing sb394 following information:. First, under current law, a hospital or facility must submit a report each month to ADHS for each abortion performed.

General or family practice. Whether anesthesia was administered to the pregnant person. It also requires a breakdown by month of the number of abortions performed or prescribed by each hospital and facility, and a separate breakdown by month of the reasons for the abortion.

Sb1349 bill would provide that no reimbursement is required by this act for a specified reason.

The woman’s educational background by highest grade completed and, if applicable, level of college completed. Incomplete abortion retaining part of the fetus requiring re-evacuation. Does the patient not want children? Informed Consent Reporting Requirements The bill requires any physician who provides informed consent or performs bs1394 ultrasound imaging and auscultation of fetal heart tone sb13994 to submit a report that includes a breakdown of the information provided, the number of pregnant people who received such information or services, and what staff member actually provided the information or services physician, referred physician, or any other qualified person.

Voters need to have been registered by July 30 to cast their ballots.

SB Abortion Reporting | Center for Arizona Policy

Arteaga had gone to the pharmacy after learning from her physician that her pregnancy would end in miscarriage, as the fetus she was carrying had no heartbeat. Status Signed into Law. NY S Relates to clean air taxicabs; provides for the issuance of one thousand March 1, Leave a comment. Sb13394 days, she had 10, members.

History For SB 1394

The pregnant person is being coerced into an abortion. The pregnancy was a result of incest. The Arizona Legislature is at it again. Peoria made national headlines last month when a pharmacist there refused to fill a prescription for local first-grade teacher Nicole Arteaga.

Was the patient raped? Since that time, many states have passed their own sb13394 reporting statutes, many of which bring to light valuable information that currently is not available under Arizona law. Improving abortion reporting requirements. A hospital or facility in this state where abortions are performed must submit to the department of health services on a form prescribed by the department a report of each abortion performed in the hospital or facility.

The report must be signed by the physician who performed the abortion or, if a health professional other than a physician is authorized by law to prescribe or administer abortion medication, the signature and title of the person who prescribed or administered the abortion medication. MI HB Environmental protection; hazardous substances; regulations on handling, A person who wilfully delivers or discloses to the department any report, record or information known by that person to be false commits a class 1 sn1394.

The number of prior pregnancies and prior abortions of the woman. Cervical laceration requiring suture or repair.

The statistical report shall not lead to the disclosure of the identity of any person filing a report or about whom a report is filed. Bill Tracker HB Once filed, the action may be dismissed only with the written consent of the court and the Attorney General, taking into account the best interests of the parties involved and the public purposes behind this section.

Existing law, The False Claims Act, provides that a person who commits any one of several enumerated acts relating to the submission to the state or a political subdivision of the state a false claim for money, property, or services, as specified, shall be liable to the state or political subdivision for certain damages and for a civil penalty, as specified.

Bowers to lead them High Court: Find an exact bill number. The department of health services shall collect all abortion reportsand complication reports and informed consent reports and prepare a comprehensive annual statistical report based on the data gathered in the reports.