Samayal Kurippu In Tamil PdfThe main smell of Indian cuisine is the smell of spices, occupying an important place in Indian dishes, especially curries. In India the spread vegetarianism is – fruits and vegetables are cheap, varied, plentiful and permanently tasty prepared. Indian cuisine varies by regions. Indian cuisine can be divided into North Indian and South Indian. Tamil cuisine just belongs to the second group. Tamils are renowned for their hospitality and the ability to keep the tradition of cooking. Vegetarian dishes are dominated in the menu cuisine of the Tamil. The traditional food is served on palm leaves. A typical meal includes rice dishes, peas, a variety of vegetables, flat cake, fruits, especially bananas, or fruit juice and sweets. And if in the North Indian cuisine with vegetables often tortillas are served, in the South Indian dishes rice is supplement to the main dish. And it is not just eaten for lunch, serving as the bread. Rice is always eaten: at the morning, afternoon and evening. Delicious steamed vegetables, various vegetables meatballs that are fragrant from spices and served to the rice, will not leave anyone indifferent and hungry. Delicate taste and aroma of the Tamil dishes are given by tamarind, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, saffron and nutmeg. Tea and coffee are the most popular drinks.
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