Saiindira Tamil Font

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Saiindira Tamil FontThe Tamil language is the southernmost Dravidian language. It is spoken by almost all south Indian population, starting from the north border line (where Telugu ends) and ending with cape Comorin at the south, basically all of south India, excluding a small territory where is spoken in the Malayalam language (from the same language family). In modern writing of Tamil language is used a special Tamil script of the Abugida style. In this script are used 247 basic characters: 12 vowels, 18 consonants, 216 combinations of vowels with consonants and the aytam character. The creation of 216 combinations is achieved by adding one out of eight specific vowel markers to the consonant. Others are written by uniting vowel suffix or prefix to the consonant. Basically, the writing itself is quite complex, and requires a lot of characters.


If you are a reader in this language than you most likely caught yourself at least once with a problem that your computer won’t represent the Tamil language (you see squares instead of characters). This means, that the system doesn’t have the necessary fonts to represent this language. In this case you need to install one of the existing Tamil language fonts into your computer. The Saiindira Tamil font is a good example of a font package that will let you easily read and edit Tamil text in any text editor or viewer. We offer a full version of the Saiindira Tamil font, just click on the button below and the download will start shortly. The download is absolutely free!