Ross-Tech Hex-Usb DriverROSS-TECH HEX-USB is VCSD (VAG-COM) HEX-CAN adapter that allows you to diagnose cars until 2013 release. There are several types of cable. They are characterized by a chip on which the adapter is assembled. Adapter VAG-COM HEX-CAN is intended for VAG diagnostic groups starting with the first brands and ending with cars with tire CAN, used for diagnosis. It is powered via the USB port.
Key features:
• Reading and deleting the current and stored in the memory of errors
• Displays the current settings for all vehicle sensor values (graphic display)
• Coding of control units (enable or disable various functions)
• Conducting adaptation (changing modes valves and other actuators)
• Tests of actuators
• Reset and installation of service intervals
• Translation miles per km, Fahrenheit per Celsius for cars of the US market
Additional functions:
• Show tooltips with descriptions of recommended parameters of the blocks
• Display the crucial information about the values of adjustment of injection from TDi engines in graphic form
• Diagnose most of the cars of other brands that support the protocol diagnostic OBDII. In this mode, this adapter allows you to read / erase error on the engine and transmission, check the current settings of various sensors.
Support every car of VAG concern, issued to the present day.
Using ROSS-TECH HEX-USB adapter you need the necessary software for your computer. You can find ROSS-TECH HEX-USB DRIVER for free and without any registrations on the link below.