2When you forget the password to login to Windows nothing can be more embarrassing. The computer cannot be opened and the files cannot be accessed. This situation can be easily handled with Renee PassNow. The software allows a user to get into the user interface of Windows on the PC by just a few simple steps.

The best part of the software is that independent of, the Windows operating system. It is very safe to use the software as it does not harm the internal contents and provides the user a smooth path to get into the system and copy the files, clean the hard disks and create new partitions to solve the startup issues.

To activate the software to its fullest potential it is recommended to download Renee PassNow activation code. The platform will allow preparing a bootable USB drive which also will help the user to format the PC even if the DVD drive is not working. The Windows user password will be properly restored without any problem and the operating system will load properly giving proper access. Renee PassNow is the safest way to restore the glory of the PC. The activation codes are available in the online websites which are absolutely safe and free.

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