R S Aggarwal Analytical Reasoning PdfThe logical reasoning, also known as critical thinking or analytic reasoning, involves one’s ability to isolate and identify the various components of any given argument. A person with a higher logical reasoning ability is better equipped to work in positions that require quick decision making. So, it is not a surprise that the logical reasoning questions commonly appear in any placement tests, competitive exams or entrance exams. Analytical Reasoning questions test a range of deductive reasoning skills. These include:
• Comprehending the basic structure of a set of relationships by determining a complete solution to the problem posed
• Reasoning with conditional (“if-then”) statements and recognizing logically equivalent formulations of such statements
• Inferring what could be true or must be true from given facts and rules
• Recognizing when two statements are logically equivalent in context by identifying a condition or rule that could replace one of the original conditions while still resulting in the same possible outcomes
Analytical reasoning occupies a prominent role in most competitive exams in India like the CAT, and the GMAT. R S AGGARWAL ANALYTICAL REASONING PDF focuses on the basics of the subject of logic and reasoning. It is designed to help the reader understand the foundational aspects, and provides information on every type and variation of the questions that are asked in today’s competitive exams.
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