Quantitative Aptitude Tricks And Shortcuts PdfFrom the first years of school every one of us started to learn mathematics. This is a very important domain of study for every human in part. Most topics of mathematics won’t be necessary to apply at your work or everyday life, it’s main goal is to develop logical and rational thinking. Thinking this way will let you see more solutions to any problem, keep yourself calm in most situations and finding the optimal solution. Some people learn or try to learn mathematics in school and after that simply forget almost everything related to it, besides the basics that are used in everyday life (basic operations like sum, subtraction and other), others tend expand their knowledge in mathematics and go right to its core. These people tend to participate in any mathematics related contest or exam to prove their knowledge in this field.

Well, you won’t do much good in complex mathematics topics if you didn’t master the basics! For that reason was written the “Quantitative aptitude shortcuts, tips and tricks” book. In this book are described various tricks and tips on simple topics that most of us studied in the first grades of school. Some may say that it is a waste of time, yet when you start reading the book most of these tricks will undoubtedly come in handy in an upcoming examination where time is of essence and very limited.

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