putty-key-generatorDeveloped by Simon Tatham and a team of volunteers Putty is a SSH and Telnet for Mac and Windows platforms. The latest version of this software is called the 0.63. You must remember that use of software that has encryption is prohibited to in some countries. Therefore, if you are in doubt whether such software is allowed in your location or not it is good to seek legal advice. However, in England and Wales it may not be restrictions on its use. The first release of Putty which was identified as 0.61 was released in July 2011. However, this edition of the software had a few bugs. Therefore, the developers have planned to release 0.62 which had the fixes for these bugs. December 2011 the new version of0.62 was released. The version available at present for those who wish to download this tool is 0.63. It is devoid of all bugs and you could use it freely. Download Putty keygen here.


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