07The Proxima nova font is designed by Mark Simonson. The Proxima Nova is the Geometric sans. It contains 48 styles and it is published in the Mark Simenson studio. The font is largely used by the user as desktop font, eBook, Mobile application and server. Different types of fonts are available. According to the needs of the user they can purchase it through online.

The result got by using this font is it looks like the geometric appearance. Actually, it is released as Proxiam Sans. In recent days the Proxima Nova is used widely on websites all over the world. It has the proper license to use in the Desktop, website, server, eBook and in mobile application. So user can use it without any hesitation. It can be installed in the computer in which it includes the design tools, word processor and lots of applications. These fonts are also used for the creation of static images and print documents.

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