Potterton Ep2000 ManualAfter a long day at work, you come back into your house or apartment and desire to spend the time in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Some people prefer to watch a good old movie on their television; others spend their time on the computer, or simply take a hot bath! To have hot water 24/24 whole year you have to install a boiler into your premises, because the local water distributor taxes quite a lot for heating and hot water while a boiler just costs a lot at the beginning but works out its cost in a matter of years or even months. Even if the boiler is installed you have to take care of it and regularly do some changes in its options or simply test if everything is fine. But what if the boiler is installed in a hard to get place and you don’t want to waste more of your free time to simply regulate your boilers settings.


In this case you should use the Potterton EP2000 programmer! This little interface can be installed anywhere in your apartment and you will have full control of your boiler without approaching it. The device itself is connected to your boiler through four cables and can easily regulate hot water temperatures and central heating. Also it can receive various periodic settings that will trigger on specific days of the week.

The Potterton EP2000 can offer a lot more to its user, therefore to know everything about this programmer it is recommended to read its user manual before using the device itself. The Potterton EP2000 manual can be downloaded from this site by clicking on the link below. The download is 100% free!