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Pos Ecig41bs DriverPositivo Informática arose from the Positivo Group, the largest educational group in Brazil. Founded in 1972, with a school and a printing shop, the Positivo Group is currently a leading company in the three segments in which it operates: education, printing and publishing, and computers and IT. Based on the great success of its innovative teaching methodology, which was developed, improved and systematized by the recognized teachers who founded the group, its own network of schools expanded to other levels of education and in 1979 the group began selling books and services to other schools throughout Brazil. Positivo Informática is a computer and IT company founded in May 1989 with the initial objective of manufacturing computers for sale to Positivo Group customer schools throughout Brazil. In 1990, the Company identified an opportunity to supply computers and IT solutions to government-owned companies and institutions through a public tender and bidding processes. It is the largest computer manufacturer in Latin America and the tenth largest in the world. In addition to computers, produces educational software, electronic games and set-top box for Brazilian digital television. The company also serves as an OEM/ODM/EMS. It is present in more than 5000 Brazilian cities and has a strong performance in retail, public, and corporate markets.
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