Pokki Offline InstallerHave you ever used this awesome Pokki software for Windows? It allows you to build your own desktop and desktop apps for windows using many web languages. Essentially Pokki is built on Chromium and it works with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. It was launched in June 2011 as a beta and as of January 2013 is had about 2 million users. Many sources saying that Pokki is a free digital distribution platform and Windows Shell Extension. It was created by SweetLabs and it brings mobile app-like interface for your Windows computer.
As you can remember, Windows 8 didn’t had classic Windows start menu, so Pokki was able to return it by demand. Start screen of Pokki is very interesting and it looks like your moble device screen. There you have games, apps and your default Windows programs that Pokki can run too. With the help of Pokki Offline Installer you will be able to install Pokki Menu on your own computer. Just click the download button and follow the instructions further. Watch how your user experience grow and be fascinated with the new looks of your start menu.
Download this Pokki Offline Installer and make your start menu personalized even more. There you will have access to all the software on your computer and to different Pokki features like games, apps and interesting software. If you want, Pokki can even return the classic second generation Start menu for you. Here, at our blog you will be able to download Pokki Offline Installer for absolutely no cost at all.


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