photoshop cs5 serial number generatorSoftware PHOTOSHOP CS5- a complete solution for professional digital image processing with wide editing and compositing possibilities, as well as the latest tools for creating and editing three-dimensional and animated graphics. PHOTOSHOP CS5 application provides excellent opportunities for selection, retouching, and paint realistic images, as well as the creation of 3D-shapes. Many new features help you save time and increase productivity at 64-bit systems. PHOTOSHOP CS5 is intended for designers, web developers, photographers, etc.
Features of PHOTOSHOP CS5:
• Excellent drawing effects with the help of new tools such as “Mix-brush” and many others
• Advanced creation of realistic 3D-objects and a wide variety of materials.
• Move and distort graphics, text, or image elements with high precision, creating a unique design.
• Use the technology of Adobe Repousse to create 3D-logos and graphics, using any text layers, elements, shapes and layer masks.
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