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1Opanda IExifPro 2.3 is a professional EXIF viewer in Windows and IE Firefox. It is the best choice to view EXIF, GPS, and IPTC for the shutterbug, photo editor, photographer and much more. It includes all features of Opanda iexfi and helps and supporting the TIFF image format. It also supports JPEG, TIFF image format along with EXIF Templet File. It also supports all EXIF 2.

It also supports 21 standards, ITPC/NAA news image record, GPS information record, Location satellite map by GPS data, TIPP6 along with extending the EXIF software tag, a special tag of a company including Canon, Sony, Sigma, Nikon, Fujifilm and much more. Web browsers supported include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox in order to display a thumbnail and into information.

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It is not only single software but also a plug-in of Internet Explorer. The free download version also provides a lot of information. It allows accessing hidden information in relation to your images. When you take a digital photograph, the image gets saved into the memory of your camera. That file will include not only the image but also the information about the same.

This program will also show you the GPS as well as IPTC information of each and every image. That can be easily modified with the help of the Photographer, Editor and GPS features of the Opanda Power EXIF editor.