omnisphereAfter carrying out many years of research Spectrasonics has developed a virtual synthesizer with a number of new features that cannot be found in any hardware or software synthesizer. It has a large library of psychoacoustic sounds and a variety of synthesis techniques embedded in it. The new synthesizer is called the “Omnisphere”. It offers a unique interface that is easy for a professional or a novice to handle. The possibility is there to customize its sounds the way the musicians or the expert synthesists want. There are options for advanced sound manipulations depending on the expertise of the user. In order to educate on how to use this software for the best advantage Omnisphere also includes video tutorials and synthesis lessons from well known sound design team of spectrasonics. This synthesizer is also based on new technology and STEAM engine is the one on which it runs. This is more advanced than the UVI engine used earlier. Download Omnisphere keygen here.