O Monge Eo Executivo PdfServant leadership is both a leadership philosophy and set of leadership practices. A leadership philosophy in which an individual interacts with others – either in a management or fellow employee capacity – with the aim of achieving authority rather than power. The authority figure intends to promote the well-being of those around him/her. Servant leadership involves the individual demonstrating the characteristics of empathy, listening, stewardship and commitment to personal growth toward others. The term “servant leadership” was coined by Robert Greenleaf, a twentieth century researcher who was skeptical about traditional leadership styles that focused on more authoritarian relationships between employers and employees.
Ā«The ServantĀ» is the story of John Daily, a coach, father, and manager who seemingly has it all together. But beneath the surface, the wheels have begun to fall off his life. Many of us will be able to see ourselves in him: driven, worldly, ambitious, and anxious; a wreck waiting to happen. John goes to a “retreat” at a monastery in a search for answers to those questions of his life, the missing pieces of his heart. At the hands of Brother Simeon and five other attendees, John discovers insights and treasures about life, leadership, and himself. Whether you are a senior manager or independent contractor; distinguished leader or stay-at-home mom, there is depth and delight awaiting you in this book. It is all about love.
You can download O MONGE EO EXECUTIVO PDF from the link below and you will learn along with John.


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