Nuvoton Sio Cir Device DriverMicrocontroller – a special chip designed to control various electronic devices. Microcontrollers first appeared in the same year as the general-purpose microprocessors -in 1971. Developers of microcontrollers have come up with an ingenious idea – combine CPU, memory, ROM, and peripherals within a single housing that looks like an ordinary chip. Since then, annual production of microcontrollers exceeds many times the production of processors, and the need for them is not reduced. Microcontrollers are produced by dozens of companies, moreover, not only the modern 32- and 16 bit microcontrollers are produced and even 8-bit (and analogues like i8051). Within each family can often be found in almost identical models that differ in the speed of the CPU and memory. Microcontrollers allow flexible management of a variety of electronic and electrical devices. Some models of microcontrollers are so powerful that can directly switch the relay (for example, on Christmas garland).
Nuvoton Technology Corporation is a Taiwan-based semiconductor company established in 2008. Nuvoton’s main product lines are Microcontroller Application IC, Audio Application IC, Cloud & Computing IC, and foundry service. NUVOTON SIO CIR DEVICE is one of the microcontroller device produced by this company. This chip can be built-in in your computer for operation of some device or devices.
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