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Nudista FontA font – is a set of letters, numbers and characters for polygraphic (printing) playback of any alphabet. There are many different designs of fonts that in addition to linguistic signs have even and artistic features. The font is a data carrier and its main purpose – is the transfer of the content publication. The main differences between the fonts are:
• character of the drawing (headset);
• mark (direct, italic, italic);
• saturation (bright, bold, bold);
• size (size).
Fonts are created by artists in accordance with the imaginative concept, requirements for the unity of style and graphic composition, application tasks, as well as in accordance with the specific semantic, artistic and decorative tasks. Under computer font is meant the set of all characters in the memory of devices and peripherals. Font in the computer publishing systems is presented in a file or group of files that allow you to provide text output in accordance with the stylistic features of the font. Basically fonts are created by designers in special printing foundries that specialize in the development of new fonts.
Suitcase Type Foundry is an independent type foundry, founded by Tomas Brousil in 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic. They are specialized in the design and digitization of quality fonts for professional use. So their library offers over 200 fonts.
NUDISTA FONT is a monolinear, geometric sans-serif based on the proportions of the Purista typeface, released by Suitcase Type Foundry in 2007. You can download NUDISTA FONT for free from the link after the post!